Things I’ve Learned on my Stay-cation

  1. The newish neighbors in the next apartment like to play music rather loudly in the afternoon (at least, loud enough to be heard through the wall).
  2. Dan Gibson’s Solitudes CD “Pachelbel, Forever by the Sea” makes effective white noise to drown out said neighborly music so I can concentrate to read or write.
  3. Sometimes the stars all align and I manage to walk to the store, buy more daffodils (yay!) among other stuff, and get home before it starts raining.


Full disclosure:  The above are not the daffodils that I bought.  I was just too lazy to take a picture of them to post and I had this laying around.  (Besides which the ones I just got aren’t open yet.)


Water, redux

I now live near a creek.  Possibly soon to be reclassified as a river, if size is the determining factor.  I didn’t use to live near a body of water.  But rain, rain and more rain has turned a usually-dry drainage ditch into quite the roaring rapids.  Still, I do enjoy the sound of rain on the roof…right up until it takes out a hillside and washes homes away…

First sign of sunlight, I’m going looking for rainbows.

Happy rainy Friday night to you (in Southern California anyway).

Wait, didn’t I say that LAST Friday, too?