Gotta love it.

Any news or polls that don’t say what the Prez wants them to say are “fake”!

Too bad the rest of us can’t get away with that garbage, eh?


Don’t Blame Me!

I’m Republican but even I voted for Clinton, much as I despise her – anything to try to prevent this.  Now we just wait for Canada to declare war on us.  Trump goes out of his way to be rude and offensive to everyone, he’ll no doubt even anger the Canadians – and they never declare war on anyone!

Wow. I was wrong.

I didn’t think Donald Trump could get any sleazier or more despicable.  He proved me wrong.  His debauchery knows no bounds.

The truly sad part is all the Republicans who continue to blindly support him, simply beause of party loyalty.  Or they’re incredibly stupid to believe this man in any way is fit to be President.  Yes, I’m a Republican, but there is no way on this earth I would vote for that man.  Hillary is no great shakes, admittedly, but we haven’t been given any real choice of a valid, worthwhile candidate this time around.