When I moved to California years ago, someone suggested I should write home and tell the family that I was at the beach and had been ‘discovered’.  Fame, fortune, the whole nine yards.

Only trouble with that is, I know my mother.  Her response would have been, “Discovered doing what?”


I Made It!

I started this blog on Sept. 18, 2016.  At the time, I wasn’t sure that I would manage to stick with it and keep posting on a regular basis.  However, as of today, I am nearly a week beyond the one year anniversary.  Woohoo!

In light of that, it seems incumbent upon me to express some profound and insightful commentary that properly marks this auspicious occasion.  Therefore, read on!

Question of the Day

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Discuss among yourselves.

After all, it’s time for Punxsutawney Phil to get a real job!


Something Weird to Consider

On the radio this morning they mentioned that Aug. 21 was the anniversary of Hawaii’s statehood.

I suddenly realized that both Alaska and Hawaii became states during my lifetime.  Wow.  You just always think of states as having been around forever.

‘Forever’ just got a whole lot shorter.

How To Be Inspired When Writing

  1. Try to go to bed
  2. Be incredibly busy with other stuff that must be done
  3. Need to go to school/work right now
  4. Be driving in your car so that you are unable to write anything down
  5. Decide to write on something other than your WIP (work in progress) [to get inspiration for your WIP]
  6. Plan to spend the entire day with family or friends
  7. Be trying to ‘sleep in’ on the weekend or a day off

See?  Easy.  Whenever it’s inconvenient, inspiration comes.

Ah! ‘Tis the Season We All So Love!

Summer?  Nay!

The season of dying electronics/appliances.  Yep, plural.  It never seems to be just one.  Several always seem to give up the ghost around the same time.  Maybe after one succumbs, the others think “well, if that electronic can die, why can’t I?”.

So, how are YOU spending your summer vacation?  Me?  I’ll be electronics shopping…

What’s For Supper?

“So, what are you having for supper?”


“Well, yes, but I meant the meal?”


“But, ‘real food’?


“That isn’t exactly—”


*sigh*  Nevermind.

Enjoy your celebrations tomorrow, U.S.A.!