Kindle Scout, fyi

Blogger Mladen Reljanović, on his Writer to Writers blog, posted an interesting article today about the Kindle Scout program.  For those of you who publish, or hope to publish, you may find it of interest:

NOTE:  I have no personal knowledge of Kindle Scout, so I can offer no encouragement or warning with regards to it, only make you aware of it if you weren’t already.


Uh oh!

When I started this blog, I figured I should start jotting down things to post – try to stay ahead of the game, as it were.  Just realized that I’m down to only 3 unposted items in the queue!

I’d better hurry and come up with a whole lot more to say pretty soon, or this blog will bite the dust.  I think you have to actually post stuff for it to be considered a blog…  Isn’t that a blogging rule?

I need to get more opinionated quick.  Okay, no, I’m already opinionated enough.  Most of the time, though, I realize it is best to leave some things unsaid.  I need to come up with more valuable things to say…yeah, that’s the ticket.

Happy rainy Friday night to you (in Southern California anyway).