Help Me, Dan Koboldt, You’re My Only Hope!

Still wading through the backlog from being offline over 3 weeks.  Luckily, one of the cleanup projects is going through old emails, including blog newsletters.  I’ve let a lot of them pile up, but here’s a list of posts by Dan Koboldt that might offer useful information to writers, or just an interesting read for everyone else.

Some Blog Recommendations for Writers

Blogger/author Dan Koboldt has a blog page wherein he offers interviews and articles with guest experts on various scientific topics.  He himself is a geneticist and writes sci-fi/fantasy.  Some posts include:

Prophets, Preachers, and Parasites in Fantasy

How to Name Characters in Fantasy

Parasitism in Sci-fi: It Gets Under Your Skin

Futuristic First Aid: High-tech Wound Care

Hypothermia in Fiction

Pottery and Ceramics for SFF Writers, Part 1 & 2

13 World-Changing Weapons Invented In The Middle Ages

(This is an article Dan found while doing research and thought it interesting enough to note in his blog.)

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