Easy Recipes, or So I’m Told

Am I the only one who thinks ‘easy’ recipes, should actually be easy?  You know, maybe 3-5 ingredients, no special dishes or other equipment required, and the ingredients are stuff people actually keep on hand most of the time.  Not stuff like ‘essence of lavender-flavored paprika’ or something.

God created microwaves so we don’t have to spend hours fixing food and cooking it.  Get with the program, recipe writers!  My usual fare is getting boring and I want something new.  But I don’t have a zester, or a convection oven, or a super-duper-thousand setting crock pot, and I won’t spend an hour just getting the food ‘ready’ to be cooked.  I want to be eating in less than half an hour, with few dishes to clean afterwards.

Hrrrmmmppphhh!  Guess I’ll just have to create things myself.  And I hate spending time on food prep…

4 thoughts on “Easy Recipes, or So I’m Told

  1. I totally relate to this! Why is there always at least one ingredient that you would never have in your kitchen cupboards, and if it’s not that then its the kitchen aid that you haven’t forked out on haha


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