Question of the Day

What defines a battle scene as “epic”?

We sometimes see the warning on movies “Epic Battle Sequences” – so, what does that mean?

  •         If there are 5 battles in the movie, are they all epic or are only certain ones? 
  •         Is it sometimes just part of the battle (“a sequence”) while the rest of battle is just a battle? 
  •         What determines that it is epic – number of people fighting (say, at least 1,000)?  Number of people killed or wounded?  The methods they use for fighting? 
  •         Does a modern battle scene not count as epic unless it has a tank or a fighter/bomber airplane?  Is a medieval battle scene not epic unless it has has lots of arrows?

A Google search tells you of numerous battle sequences deemed “epic” by someone, but they are all over the map as to what is included in those scenes, so how is “epic” decided?

There, now if you’re stuck in a waiting room somewhere, I’ve given you something to ponder to pass the time!  You’re welcome!


One thought on “Question of the Day

  1. Very interesting question. Personally, I’d say it’s the combination of atmospherics and the scale (in writing it would be the stakes while in movies it would be the actual scale on screen) 🙂


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