Why is it frowned upon to smack co-workers, even when they deserve it?

Some of my co-workers on the other coast ought to be very glad they live so far away from me, or they’d definitely be getting the stink-eye from me.  I couldn’t persuade the company that I need a taser to keep some of these folks in line, so stink-eye is the best I can do.

Twice this week, someone contacted me indicating something was going to happen on a certain day – someone was coming into the office on a certain day/time.  So I dutifully made sure I was near the phone so Security could call me to approve their coming to the floor.  When they hadn’t shown up quite some time past their due time, I contacted the person who had put me on alert.  What did they say?  “Oh, sorry, I forgot to tell you.  We changed that and no one’s coming.”  In one case I even went to work nearly an hour early to be there to make sure they could get in!  I was NOT a happy camper.

Have a great weekend co-workers, but watch your backs.  I just might be coming for you!

Hmmmm…do they still have those people you can hire to put a cream pie in someone’s face?


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