Writing ‘Writing Advice’

There are a TON of blogs out there with writing advice.  I follow a couple of them, and possibly some of you do also.  Since one of the espoused purposes of this blog involves writing, that raises the question “Why bother reading yet another ‘how to’ blog?”

Right there with you.

So, how will my ‘advice’ differ?  Hopefully by being a little more specific.  I know when I read some of these blogs, while I don’t doubt that it is good advice, I can’t really relate it to anything I am writing.  What I hope to offer is advice that is more specific.  I will remark on things I see that are wrong, or at least that I consider to be, but I will suggest ways to improve them.  My hope is that after reading such suggestions, you will be able to jump back to your own writing and see ways to fix or improve it.

At least, that’s the goal…

FYI, I am on Pinterest and have a board devoted to collecting information on writing:  http://www.pinterest.com/dalleyan/writing/

These are things that I have looked at and considered useful to me.  It is not necessarily a comprehensive list of everything out there, but if an article addresses an issue that doesn’t apply to me, I don’t save it.  Additionally, I keep a board of ‘temporary’ things – these may be sorted to other boards eventually, or they may be articles I want to look at but have not had time yet.  As such, once I take a closer look at them, they likely will either be moved or deleted.  However, there are some Writing pins in there also if you want to poke around.  Just keep in mind you’d better save anything you find there as it may not be found if you come back later looking for it again.


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