My Favorite Christmas Songs

There are lots of lists of ‘favorites’ floating around the internet, and I don’t want to be totally predictable, so most of these won’t be the ones you commonly see on such lists.  However, they are songs I like to hear year after year.  It isn’t fully Christmas unless I get them on my listening list.  In all cases I managed to track down a link that will let you hear them if they are not familiar to you.

We’ll start off with ‘Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer’.  Yep, in spite of my recent essay on this song, I do like it and listen to it each year.  No, it’s not my top favorite, but since I did write about it recently, I thought I’d mention that upfront.  I thought it was quite clever.

Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer – Elmo & Patsy


The rest of these aren’t in a particular order either.  They’re all just favorites, for varying reasons – the lyrics, the music, the sentiment.  You might want to check them out if you haven’t heard them.  It’s possible you will like them too.

  • I Believe in Santa’s Cause – The Statler Brothers


  • Merry Christmas, Darling – The Carpenters


  • I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day (the version with Calkins music, not Johnny Marks – very hard to find)

This version mostly seems to appear in religious music.  The 2nd one listed may be the easiest to hear.



(not as good; music/arrangement varies from original:

  • The Bells of Fraggle Rock – Fraggles


Yeah, okay, a Winter Solistice song, not Christmas, but I still like it!  Hey, I put in a religious song, so this balances things by being non-religious.

Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!


Forgot one:

Pine Cones & Holly Berries/It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas – The Osmonds



Yeah, okay another one.  What did you expect this time of year?  I’m listening to Christmas music!  I get a pass until Dec 31, then I’ll behave…maybe.

My Christmas Card to You – Partridge Family



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