I’m a ‘Fixer’

There are Complainers and there are Fixers.  I’m a Fixer.

What does that mean?  Well, when someone (for instance, the company I work for) wants to do something, I’m the one who points out all the problems.  My reason isn’t to shoot down the idea, but rather to focus on the problems and get them resolved before we get too deep in the middle of it.  A lot of issues can be avoided that way and make implementing ideas go a lot more smoothly than they otherwise might.

It also means that when no one seems to know how something gets done, I try to find a way.  If a system won’t allow what needs to happen, I try to find a workaround so that people can keep working and moving forward.  I spend a lot of time at work documenting my findings and workarounds in “How To” files for my future reference and for the benefit of anyone else who might need it.  I just don’t see any reason for 12 people to call the help desk to find out how to resolve a single problem and then not share that information so others don’t have to do the same thing when they have that problem.  If I discover a nifty feature in a program that others might find useful, why should I keep it to myself instead of sharing?

Sadly, I don’t seem to be rubbing off on very many others.  They continue to work in isolation, and not share knowledge or expertise unless they are practically forced into it.  Just think how much more smoothly the world would run if we had more Fixers and fewer Complainers.


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