I’m not a doctor, and I don’t play one on TV.

I also didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night either.  So, to the point, I have no medical training and no super-intellect behind what I am about to tell you.  Take it for what it is – me relating my personal experience.

There are a great many people who suffer from warts, and there are quite a few “treatments” out there.  Some work for some people and some different ones work for others, but in my case none of them were working.  Judging by my internet searches on the topic, I’m not alone in that.  The most recent “home remedy” I was trying (the warts practically laughed at the freezing remedy), involved the use of apple cider vinegar.  Many people swear by it, but you usually have to take care not to have prolonged contact between the vinegar and the good skin around the wart.  I found it difficult to do as directed in applying, and I wasn’t seeing results (possibly because I was not doing it the way they described).

Prior to finding that solution, I was faced with the problem that both warts are on my right hand.  I am right-handed and warts are contagious.  While my doctor told me that they do not spread via things like a computer mouse, skin-to-skin contact would do it.  I was not thrilled at the prospect of shaking someone’s hand or scratching my own back and “sharing” them.  I tried bandaids to cover them.  That worked pretty well for the one on the inside of my thumb (about where scissors hit when you use them), but not so well for the one at the base of the nail on my index finger.  The bandaid on the finger was difficult to keep on, especially when it got wet – which was often.  Not only that, constant use of the bandaid for an extended period was chapping the skin horribly.  When I switched to a different solution, it took well over a week to get the skin healed from the chapping.

Casting around for another possible way to contain the warts if I couldn’t eliminate them, I settled on clear nail polish.  Yes, I literally painted over the warts.  I had to reapply it several times a day, but it worked pretty well and if nothing else gave me a false sense of security that I had created a barrier to prevent spreading the warts.

Occasionally, I have had a keratoma (not really a wart but similar) develop on my scalp line at the front.  By itself, it wasn’t a problem, but brushes or combs tended to hit them and then they got a little sore.  They would also get itchy, and scratching didn’t help matters.  On a whim, I used some Anbesol that I had on hand for cankersores and rubbed it on the keratoma, mostly in an attempt to ease the discomfort when it became irritated by a comb or scratching.  I just put a little on my finger, rubbed it well into the keratoma, wiped away excess around the area and that was it.  After a while (not sure how long), the thing went away.  It had done so before, but never that fast – usually it took months before something caused it to diminish (and I was never sure what caused it).

Figuring it couldn’t hurt, I began rubbing the Anbesol on the warts, wiping away the excess and letting it dry a good long while.  Then I would cover it over again with the clear nail polish.  I was putting on the Anbesol once a day in the evenings.  I began to realize that the warts were diminishing in size.  It didn’t happen quickly, but it happened.  As of this moment, there is absolutely no evidence there was ever one on my thumb (and it had been there about 2 years).  The one on my finger was larger, yet it is all but gone as well.

Would this remedy work for others suffering from warts?  I have no idea.  At least since Anbesol is a topical liquid or ointment that you put on sores in your mouth, I had little concern that it would hurt my skin, and there was no irritation at all from it.  (It is possible someone with very sensitive skin might react to it.)  I figured at the very least it was harmless.  I really did not expect it to get rid of these persistent pests.  I still am treating the one on the finger, and then painting over it with clear nail polish until it is goes completely away.  But there is every evidence that I will be totally free of both these warts in the near future.  Best guess would be by the end of October.

If nothing else has worked for you, this is a pretty inexpensive treatment to try and see if you get similar results.  Good luck.


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