How not to write a review

Whether for a film, a book or anything else, a review should give some idea of WHAT is wrong with the book and WHY you didn’t like it.  Characters?  Storyline?  Writing style?  Morals espoused?

By the same token, you should also indicate what you LIKED, if anything.  Reviews are both to advise other readers and to give the author an honest critique.  Authors can’t improve based on “I hated this book.  It was awful.”

This was someone’s 1-star review of a book on Amazon.  Note one of the comments on the review that I especially liked!

Review:  Ok this is soo not a good book it’s horrible it does not describe the book at all and it does not even pull you in talks about a bad book this was the worst it really does not um should not get anything.higher then a one or two stars a t first I was like ok Maybe I’ll give it a try then when I did give it a try it was horrible it did not give any what so ever detail not a good book don’t waste your time on reading it or buying it don’t Not worth it plz don’t buy it it’s not with it it is ok I’d say but I literally had to drag myself through out the whole book so it’s not worth it but its your opinion so try it if you want but I am just saying my opinion NOT A GOOD BOOK at All


Comment:  Perhaps it was the book’s heavy reliance on punctuation she took offence to?


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