Good News

The office move is complete (other than the settling in bit).  And, even better, I am not in custody for having killed anyone. 

So, win-win, right?


Up for Grabs #3

Wherein I have written something, whether a single line or two, or several paragraphs, but think it highly unlikely I will ever do anything with them beyond that snippet.  Therefore, they are herewith put ‘up for grabs’.  If any of you writers can and wish to make use of them, feel completely free to do so.  I don’t even require any sort of acknowledgement if you do.  You can take a tiny part of them, the thing in its entirety exactly as is, or the basic idea and completely do with it what you will.  It just seemed pointless to let these things sit ignored on my computer until the end of time, knowing full well I won’t do anything more with them.  Rest assured, if there is any idea I have even the vaguest intention of pursuing, I will not be posting it here.  So, no fear that I’ll change my mind.

Twins, but born on different days – one just minutes before midnight and the other a couple of minutes after.

[This could go a lot of different directions.  Google about twins – there’s some fascinating stuff you could play with, including something called ‘mirror twins’.]

Another Murphy’s Law

So, basically, it hasn’t rained in Southern California all year (around Los Angeles).  Naturally, since I will need to be walking outside a great deal this coming week, rain is forecast for most of the week.  Generally the forecast is for 20% chance or less, so we rarely actually see precipitation.  This coming week it is above 50%.

Murphy really needs to GO now.  Look, gang, the mid-terms are coming up.  Let’s band together and vote Murphy and his dumb laws out of office!  Who’s with me?  While we’re at it, we can deal with anyone else not doing an acceptable job.

Some Blog Recommendations for Writers: Dan Koboldt

Author Dan Koboldt also has a blog page wherein he often has experts guest write about certain topics.  While many are science fiction/fantasy oriented, they often provide information that will work just as well in other kinds of stories.  He has an interest in ‘putting the science in science fiction’.  Some recent posts include:

Drug Development for Writers

Autism Misconceptions in Fiction

Characters with Developmental Differences

Writing Venomous Creatures

Realistic Knife Fighting


What Size?

I’ve mentioned that our office is moving.  It will be to a significantly smaller space, so naturally I’m concerned about adequate storage needs.  To help plan for it, and make some effort at determining if I have downsized supplies sufficiently to ‘fit’, I asked for dimensions to the various cabinets and storage spaces.  They came back and told me that the shelves are pretty much all 33 inches wide.

See the problem?

Is that 33 inches wide, 6 feet tall and and 2 inches deep?

Or is it 33 inches wide, 3 inches tall and 4 inches deep?

Or is it a 33 inch cube?

I’m pretty sure a box that is a 12 inch cube isn’t going to fit into all three of those.

I kind of thought people who do office moves for a living would know that without my telling them.

My bad.

The Problem With Libraries

Good post about reading outside your genre to expand your perspective and bring new ideas into your writing.

Katie Bachelder

For as long as I’ve been writing, people have been telling me what reading strategies they think I should follow to make me a better writer. Well, it’s always fun when someone with little to no writing experience tries to tell you how to become a better writer, but the question they raised is still important enough to discuss.

Should writers read outside their genre or focus on reading the genres they intend to write in?

901091 Image found on Goodreads

Time for a little anecdote. When I was young… let’s say, well through elementary school, I was very much into my horse-lover phase. It lasted far longer than most. Throughout the whole of it, I was reading everything related to horses. Pony Pals, the Saddle Club, I am the Great Horse, you name it. If it had a horse on the cover, I was taking it home with me…

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Moving Right Along

Moving can be a great incentive to eliminate a lot of clutter from your life.  Though tiring, it can give you a new perspective being in a new setting with new things to learn and experience.

That said, I hate moving.  Really, really, really hate moving.

Why?  Because in the past 18 years, I’ve made 3 personal moves and 6 business moves (complete or partial due to renovations or such).  In all of those instances I was completely or heavily involved in the actual move – planning, organizing and physical move.  That doesn’t include several other instances where I helped others move.

As someone once said, a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, “I’m getting too old for this sort of thing.”

Help me, Obi-wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.

Trust Issues

I understand people with trust issues.  I have them, too.

It’s a sad day when you realize that those people who declared themselves to be your friend, even your best friend, actually meant that you are their best friend.  You are there when they need you, regardless of the difficulty or inconvenience, but they have no intention of reciprocating.

Perhaps that’s why I like to get lost in fictional stories.  There you can find people who truly understand friendship and loyalty.  There you can find people who care about their friend’s well-being as much as they care about their own.

I know people like that exist in the real world, but they are lost in the crowd of ‘otherwise’.  Too bad it isn’t easier to recognize both kinds right at the start.  It would prevent a world of hurt.